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About Me

​About Me

Hello. My name is William Anderson and I have been working as an audiologist for the past 24 years. During the years, I got to work with many customers who got their first hearing aid from me. No matter how different the people, that come into my store, are, they always ask the same questions when enquiring their first hearing aid. Therefore, I wanted to create a website which answers the most common topics regarding hearing aids.

A huge Thank You goes to the German company Ihre Hörgeräte Beratung GmbH​ who supported me when creating this website. This company was founded by German audiologists and pursuits the goal to offer potential ​hearing aid customers more information about the ​hearingaid market. ​To achieve this, the company networks with audiologists from all over the world to spread more awareness about hearing aids and hearing loss, as only around 20 % of the people with a hearing loss use hearing aids.

​My webpage gives first time hearing aid users a step by step introduction to the process of buying hearing aids. My checklist for buying hearing aids outlines all the important things to consider when buying hearing aids. I have also collected information about the different types of hearing aids and the top hearing aid manufacturers in the United States.

As stated in its title “​steps to buy hearing aids”, this page answers where you can find first information on hearing aids and where you can buy hearing aids. Nowadays, customers can easily receive a first hearing aid consultation through an online hearing aid provider. Buying hearing aids with an online hearing aid provider brings various advantages for the customer. On this page, I have discussed the usage of online hearing aid providers and have compared some of the biggest online hearing aid providers.

If you have any other questions about the process of buying hearing aids, you can contact me at william.anderson@hearing-aid-institute.com​.

If you have any other questions about the process of buying hearing aids, you can contact me at williamanderson@hearingaidinstitute.com.

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